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About Ericeira Surf Progress

General Objective
The principle objective of Ericeira Surf Progress is to provide you with a unique surf experience. We have 11 km of coast at our disposal to work on your progress in the safest way possible.
The target group of our surf school consists of those surfers who want to perfect their surfing techniques. We offer surf courses that are specifically designed for your level of surfing. Of course you can also learn how to surf with us from the start.

Who We Are
Two companions who have previous experience in managing a surf school. We now joined forces to set up this new project where the focus is on improving surf techniques by providing surf classes for different levels in separated groups.

Ericeira Surf Progress is based in the north of Ericeira in a typical Portuguese village called Ribamar. This is the place where you can eat the best seafood of Portugal and where the most famous wave of Ericeira is found: Coxos.
Most of the courses will be given at surf spots like São Lourenço, Coxos and Praia Azul.
We offer our clients surf lessons far away from the hectic and crowded beaches of Ericeira. We are the only surf school in Ribamar. We give our surf lessons at the quiet beaches of this area. Our surf teachers will carefully choose the best surf spot for your surfing level.
Our team of qualified teachers are local surfers who perfectly know and master all the technical aspects of the sport. They know the region inside out and will be happy to share their knowledge and teach you how to read, surf and enjoy the ocean at its best. How to surf safely and how to feel confident in different surfing conditions, that is what you will learn with us.
Let us take your surfing to a higher level.

Our Team

  • Joana Andrade
    Joana Andrade
    Founder/Surf Coach

    As a professional surfer she started the first female surf school in Portugal in 1998.
    Years ago she moved to Ericeira to be able to surf the best waves of Europe every day. She continues training girls for competition.
    As a natural sequence of a dedicated surfing career she always had a strong affection for big waves. As the first and only Portuguese surfer girl she decided to challenge tow-in surfing, and was nominated for the Billabong XXL Awards.

  • Filipe Henriques
    Filipe Henriques
    Founder/Surf Coach

    Born and raised in Ribamar, he grew up amongst the best surfers of Ericeira. He knows all the secrets of this magic coast. Filipe used to compete at bodyboarding for 13 years and was triple champion of western Portugal. Since 2005 he turned this motivation, to teach the art of riding waves.

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