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Our sport is depending almost entirely on nature.
Which means that water, wind and earth have to play together to set the waves on fire.

Our Courses


Start the Progress
Week course including 5 days of surf classes (Monday to Friday). Four to five hours of surf lessons a day. Surf material is included in the price. There is a maximum of twelve students per course. They will be accompanied by minimum two qualified surf teachers. The surf classes are made out of theory and practice. Five days to learn to surf anywhere on earth! With the manual and personal appoach, photo and video coaching your progress is guaranteed. This course include transport from a meeting point to the beach.

Surf 4 Progress
This course is especially set up for intermediate surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level. It is the goal of four sessions to experience four different spots and to gain more knowledge about these world class waves. This course has between 2 and 6 participants. Each class is approx. 3 hours.

On Tour

Progress on Tour
On this one day wave tour we will take you around and show what the west of Portugal has to offer. You will get to know beautiful places and surf the best wave that is on offer that particular day and suiting your level. Or we can help to customise this day as you wish.

Tow-in Experience
In Progress...


Surf Course Content


Explanation of the different surf breaks and the difference between surfing beach, reef and point breaks.
Surf Rules
Surf rules and how to behave in the line-up.
Wave Forecasting
Learning how to read the wave forecast and charts.
Safety rules.
What type of material to use in which kind of waves.


A good warm-up is essential before you go into the water.
The art of surfing.
How to read the ocean.
Planning of the course week.

And, of course, a lot of practice in the water!

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