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The Area

Ericeira has a beautiful rocky coastline with steep cliffs and lovely sandy beaches. There are many surf spots and the waves are incredible. The surf spots of Ericeira are known by surfers from all over the world and it has been the stage of many world and national competitions. Ericeira has been dedicated as a World Surfing Reserve in 2011. It is the first surf spot in Europe and the second place in the world to receive such nomination.

The Surfspots

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São Lourenço
São Lourenço is a right-hand reef break. It lies in a 300 meter long bay and is surrounded by a beautiful valley. There are multiple peaks and there is a wave for every level. With small swell the waves break best on a low tide. When the swell is big it should be surfed around high tide. São Lourenço is the seventh wave of the reserve.

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Coxos is considered to be the best right hander in Europe because of its consistency, length and perfection. The wave is tubular and breaks over a flat rock. There are many sea urchins so you have to be careful with going in and out of the water. It works best on a low tide and is only suitable for more experienced surfers. Coxos is the sixth wave of the reserve.

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Crazy Left
As its name suggests, this is a lefthander. The wave is very tubular and powerful. It lies in the same bay as Coxos and breaks over a flat rock. It doesn´t function very often because normally there is a lot of current in the South direction, which can mess up the wave. Crazy Left works best on a low tide and you need to be an experienced surfer to surf here. It is the fifth wave of the reserve.

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This wave is only for professional surfers. Cave is the heaviest wave of Ericeira. It has an enormous force and breaks in very shallow water. The wave causes a huge explosion when it breaks on the dry rock. Go and have a look if you want to see spectacular tube rides.

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Ribeira D’Ilhas
This wave is the most well-known wave of the region. There are several peaks in the bay of Ribeira d ´Ilhas. They are all right handers and there can be found a wave suitable for each level. The bottom is rocky but the waves break in deep water. The waves are known for their length and can be surfed on all tides. It is good to surf here in our company because it gets pretty crowded. Ribeira D´Ilhas is the third wave of the reserve.

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South of Ribeira D´Ilhas you find a beach called Empa. Reef is one of the surf spots on this beach. It is a short right breaking ride and it breaks very tubular. The rock it breaks on is sharp and the water is shallow. It is one of the treasures of professional surfers and local bodyboarders because on perfect days the tube is so intense that everyone comes out of the water with a smile on their face. The wave also causes the occasional damage. Reef is the second wave of the reserve.

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This wave is not mentioned in the reserve but is also found on Empa beach. This right-hander, left of Reef, is easier to ride. It is a very consistent wave and functions best on a low or mid tide. It provides good speed to set up maneuvers and on perfect days there are many tubes to be ridden. Intermediate surfers will enjoy this wave a lot up until a meter.

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Pedra Branca
If Coxos is considered “king of the waves” of Ericeira, than this wave on the south end of Empa beach, is definitely the “queen”. The fast take-off into the barrel reminds you of Pipeline, Hawaii. It is surfed on high tide and is only recommendable for experienced surfers. When perfect it’ll get crowded. Count on localism.

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Santa Cruz
Besides these seven waves there are many more waves around Ericeira. One of the beaches we might go to is Santa Cruz. A small coastal town just 20 minutes north from Ericeira.

Besides these seven waves that are part of the World Surfing Reserve, there are many more waves in Ericeira. Next to the above mentioned reef breaks there are also several beach breaks like for example Foz de Lizandro and São Julião.
We know many more spots so come and surf with us! We will be happy to share our know-how with you.
The habitants of Ericeira are friendly people and they warmly receive tourists with their traditional parties, little bars and local shops. If you like dancing, you should go to Ouriços: the oldest dance club of Portugal.
Ericeira offers everything that your heart desires!

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