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Helping you with your surfing skills

First surf school in Ribamar: Less crowd = more surf conditions.

Come and improve your surf on the best waves of Europe with Ericeira’s Progress Surf School. Take your performance to the next level.

Try the 1 week programme with us and feel the difference in the water.

Our surf lessons

Start the Progress

Course including 5 days of surf classes. Two hours of surf lessons a day. Surf material is included in price.

Surf 4 Progress

Especially set up for intermediate surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level. Training is given on more advanced surf spots. The goal is to surf several types of waves.

Surf and Mindfulness
4 kids and Teens

Together with Mom and Me, Progress Surf School, will provide you a Cool and Fun Summer Camps and Teen Retreats with Surf, Yoga, Playoga, MindFulness, and a lot of fun!!!

Learn how to Surf with BigWave Rider, Joana Andrade, and FEEL, Meditate, play and Breathe with Sara Abecasis Burnay! We have an amazing team waiting 4 you!

Kids and Teens Summer Camp ( 6 to 14)
Teen Retreats (all year)
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What's we can offer

Surfboard rentals icon
Board Rentals
If you already know to surf but you didn’t want to bring your own equipment we have surfboards and also wetsuits to rent.
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Airport Transfers
We provide transfers from and to Lisbon Airport.
Contact us for details.
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Surf Guidance
For more experienced surfer we offer surf guiding tours. We take you to many reef-breaks and point-breaks around Ericeira and Peniche. Minimum 2 people.
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Get an awesome video registration of your Surf Progress. Prices upon request.
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Capture your surfing action and take beautiful memories home. Prices upon request.

Surf Spots

Ericeira has a beautiful rocky coastline with steep cliffs and lovely sandy beaches. There are many surf spots and the waves are incredible.
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Ribeira D'ilhas

This wave is the most well-known wave of the region. There are several peaks in the bay of Ribeira d ´Ilhas. They are all right handers and there can be found a wave suitable for each level. The bottom is rocky but the waves break in deep water. The waves are known for their length and can be surfed on all tides. It is good to surf here in our company because it gets pretty crowded. Ribeira D´Ilhas is the third wave of the reserve.

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Coxos is considered to be the best right hander in Europe because of its consistency, length and perfection. The wave is tubular and breaks over a flat rock. There are many sea urchins so you have to be careful with going in and out of the water. It works best on a low tide and is only suitable for more experienced surfers. Coxos is the sixth wave of the reserve.

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South of Ribeira D´Ilhas you find a beach called Empa. Reef is one of the surf spots on this beach. It is a short right breaking ride and it breaks very tubular. The rock it breaks on is sharp and the water is shallow. It is one of the treasures of professional surfers and local bodyboarders because on perfect days the tube is so intense that everyone comes out of the water with a smile on their face. The wave also causes the occasional damage. Reef is the second wave of the reserve.

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