Progress Surf
School Ericeira

General Objective

We have 11 km of coast at our disposal to work on your progress in the safest way possible.
The target group of our surf school consists of those surfers who want to perfect their surfing techniques. We offer surf courses that are specifically designed for your level of surfing.
Of course you can also learn how to surf with us from the start.

Where are we based

Progress Surf School is based in the north of Ericeira in a typical Portuguese village called Ribamar. This is the place where you can eat the best seafood of Portugal and where the most famous wave of Ericeira is found: Coxos. Most of the courses will be given at surf spots like São Lourenço, Coxos and Praia Azul.


Progress bar with colours of levels
Ericeira spot in Portugal

Our team of qualified teachers are local surfers who

Perfectly know and master all the technical aspects of the sport. They know the region inside out and will be happy to share their knowledge and teach you how to read, surf and enjoy the ocean at its best. How to surf safely and how to feel confident in different surfing conditions, that is what you will learn with us.
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Joana Andrade

Joana Andrade, from Ericeira, is the first and only Portuguese woman in the big waves. She is a big wave specialist athlete surfing at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, in the biggest waves in the world. She is nominated in the top female big wave surfers in the world.

Joana is also an entrepreneur of Progress Surf School in her home town of Ericeira and founder of the first surf school for girls in Portugal. She is an inspiration for both men and women wanting to face their fears.
Joana’s motto is “Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you.”
Antonio Neto surfing

Antonio Neto

Antonio Neto, Brazilian, has lived in Ericeira for 8 years. With more than 20 years dedicated to surfing, between competitions and free surfing, he came to find his dream job to teach his greatest passion in Portugal, surf coach for a few years, qualified and very motivated to pass on knowledge to other people.

Antonio Neto surf teacherAntonio Neto surfing
Ni Andrade surf teacher
Ni Andrade surfing

Ni Andrade

Ni Andrade, started surfing when he was 10. With many years of competition and he loves being able to share his wisdom and passion for surfing to his students. He is teaching surf lessons at Progress Surf School for about 7 years and due to the quality of Ericeira's waves, he identifies this place as my home.

Ni Andrade Surfing
Miguel Pereira surf teacher
Miguel Pereira surf teacher

Miguel Pereira

The Civil Engineer career was left behind during the second year of the course, as soon as
he realised that his relationship with the sea and surfing was what really made him vibrate. I know, at that moment, that his future would go through journalism and explaining surfing to people. And so it has been for 30 years.

The founder, legend and now angel, Filipe Henriques Rastef, born, raised and died in Ribamar. Filipe was a competitor of bodyboarder for 13 years and was Western Portugal triple champion. Since 2005 he used his pure motivation to teach the beautiful art of riding waves. He was one of the best teachers in Ericeira. We can see Filipe’s memorial in São Lourenço’s beach.